Menard Johnson & Associates

Menard Johnson & Associates Real Estate has been serving the Chicago real estate market since 1976. Our focus is to empower clients with information that will lead to a successful sale or purchase of a new home. We also help clients with the sale or purchase of a commercial space. This dedication leads to consistent repeat business and new referrals.

Menard Johnson & Associates is located in Chicago within the Roscoe Village community. It's here where we have carefully crafted trusted relationships with our clients' from all over the Chicago and the world. Their desires to purchase, rent and/or sell their property is what we service. At Menard Johnson & Associates, we listen to our clients and we maintain relationships with our clients, not just "accounts."Allow us to help you in your efforts to purchase, rent or sell your home / business and watch what establishing a trusted relationship with the agents of Menard Johnson & Associates can do for you.



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