In need of a retail, commercial or industrial property? Menard Johnson & Associates has the experience you need to assist in finding the property that fits your requirements. Menard Johnson & Associates has worked with many buyers and sellers to provide them the best options for what there business needs are.

Commercial real estate has many facets. Many issues can come into play such as type of zoning, environmental, lease agreements, etc. Knowing what to look for can help make the difference in a successful transaction and Menard Johnson & Associates can help.

Chicago Real Estate Agent Commercial Services with years of experience, Menard Johnson & Associates has been working with commercial properties and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and requirements with you.

What to look for in commercial property
The first and most important is zoning, without the proper zoning classification your intended use may not be permitted.

Area: Does it meet your needs demographically, and what about traffic flow? Is there growth potential?

Financing requirements and solutions tend to be more specific to each potential project. Lease negotiations are the foundation for your business plan.

Choosing Menard Johnson for this important complex process is the right decision.

There are currently commercial properties available on Roscoe St. Please stop by or call our office for more information.