Relocating Soon?

Menard Johnson & Associates is committed to providing clients with customized solutions to meet their objectives and the best transfer and real estate experience possible. The depth of resources and commitment to quality service make Menard Johnson & Associates the partner of choice for organizations large and small.

Menard Johnson & Associates provides customers with personalized service and outstanding results and always strives to exceed expectations.

Menard Johnson & Associates believes listening is the key ingredient to a good relationship. You can expect Menard Johnson & Associates to be attentive to your needs and to work with you to help provide solutions and answers.

In a world where Bigger is Better, Real Estate doesn't always subscribe to that philosophy.  Yes large agencies are plentiful, but the quality of the realtors who work for them will vary.   Menard Johnson Real Estate takes pride in how educated all of our Brokers are.  We are a service focused agency that works with our clients to educate them and to really help them understand the product they are purchasing or selling.  Understanding the market is one of the most valuable tools a realtor can bring to their client, and Menard Johnson Real Estate continues to educate our realtors and clients.


With so many urban environments to choose from, the corporate location of the new job can make all the difference for your happiness.  Getting the new job is exciting but trying to find a place you  love to live and in a hurry can be very scary, especially when there are others involved.  Having family members and even pets can minimize the type of housing that will suit your needs.  Menard Johnson Real Estate can help you find the right neighborhood and home that will help you settle into Chicago and all that this magnificent city offers.   All of our Real Estate consultants are veterans of city living and understand the various neighborhoods and proximity to schools, transit, etc,  that may effect your daily life.

Menard Johnson Real Estate will work with you in your time frame and help you acclimated with the city.  If you would like more information on how Menard Johnson Real Estate can help you in relocation, connect us at 773.472.6016 ex 17.

Let us show you the city!