Experience the best quality and service in new construction


Since 1976, Al Johnson has been a leader in the development and new construction world in the northside neighborhoods of Chicago. He started Menard Johnson in 1988. Located in Roscoe Village, a neighborhood within the Northcenter area of Chicago, Menard Johnson continues to shape and lead the market in luxury development and quality construction in our neighborhoods. 



It all starts with a location. In Chicago that means a "lot" or land 

Chicago is a dynamic marketplace.The value and availability of sites are an important piece to creating a good development. Al Johnson uses a combination of everyday hustle and long term relationships with property owners and developers to be a continual source of quality locations. 


Services for developers and the professionals

Developing a quality construction project is a process full of important details that make all the difference in the end product. Through the years of consistent professional growth and experience, Al has crafted the knowledge that creates successful projects. From the idea to a closing, when you work with Al he helps guide the project through each step.


Working with customers and clients

Having an advocate that you can trust is the most important investment you can have in home construction. Al Johnson has a reputation for integrity and going above and beyond in his client relationships.