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Color affects mood. More than likely, you already know this. But then again, color can be so subtle that you might not even think of the affect that it has on you. The way we use the rooms of our homes has changed quite a bit. With so much time spent indoors, especially since 2020, it’s worth the time to evaluate your sense of feeling in the spaces you occupy. For instance, certain colors can uplift, while others create a relaxing vibe. Doesn’t it make sense to alter the colors of your home to work in your favor?

Bright colors energize, while muted colors calm. Darker shades can be more powerful and elegant. Red, orange and yellow colors tend to be upliftting, creating positive feelings. While shades of blue can feel tranquil and peaceful. Choose colors that you are drawn to. Do you have a favorite memory that makes you feel good? Maybe a trip to Mexico with the vibrant colors of a sunset. Or a stay at a resort with blue, calming waters. Use memories as inspiration. Colors can be used throughout, not only on walls, but also with accents such as paintings, throws, rugs and pillows.

The Many Shades of a Mood

The same color can create different moods. It depends on the shade and how it’s used in a room. But then again, this might not apply because a certain hue may trigger a favorite memory that makes you feel happy.

Warm Colors: red, orange and yellow evoke happiness, optimism and energy.
Cool Colors: green, blue and purple create a calming and soothing feeling.
Happy Colors: yellow, orange, pink, red and pastel colors are happy. The brighter and lighter, the happier, more optimistic.
Sad Colors: blue, green, neutrals like brown and beige have the effect of a somber mood.
Calming Colors: blue, green, lilac, mint, white, beige and gray tend to soothe and relax.
Energizing Colors: bright colors (red, yellow), neons (green), highly pigmented colors (royal blue, turquoise, magenta, emerald green) can generate an energetic feel.

The Meaning of Colors

Red: Passion, Love. Action-oriented
Orange: Energy, Happiness, Vitality
Yellow: Happiness, Hope, Spontaneous
Green: Health, Abundance, Refreshed
Blue: Calm, Productive, Safe
Purple: Creativity, Royalty, Wealth
Pink: Feminine, Romance, Sensitive
Brown: Stability, Support, Practical
Black: Mystery, Elegance, Professional
White: Simplicity, Minimal, Fresh
Gray: Mature, Conservative, Formality

Best Paint Colors for Each Room of your Home

White, Light Neutral: small rooms, kitchen
Blue: office, bedroom, bathroom, living room
Red, Orange, Yellow: kitchen, accent walls
Green: kitchen
Pink: foyer, dressing room, bedroom
Earth Tones: living room

You can now see how the interplay of color can set the mood. Walk through the spaces of your home and see how you feel. What’s the mood of your home?

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