cold weather tips for home


It’s not uncommon for Chicago to experience an extreme cold snap in January or February. And while not uncommon, it’s best not to be unprepared. There are a few different ways that frigid cold temperatures can cause damage to your home. Follow these simple steps in and around your home to keep things running smoothly. 


Inside your home: 

  1. Set your thermostat to a minimum of 65 degrees. Keep the setting consistent, same temp all day and night. This helps prevent your water pipes from freezing, which can lead to bursting pipes. 
  2. Check your furnace settings to make sure the humidifier is set to match the outside temperature.
  3. Examine your furnace filter and replace if necessary. 
  4. Turn off space heaters when you sleep or leave your home. 
  5. Know the location of the main the main water shutoff valve in your home. Keep the surrounding area clear for easy access. 
  6. Inspect your windows and doors for cracks and air seepage. Invest in a window insulation kit.
  7. Slowly drip hot and cold faucets at night to keep the water moving in the pipes to prevent freezing. In an unfinished basement, keep the laundry sink dripping.
  8. Close your fireplace flue when not in use. 

Outside your home:

  1. Clear snow and ice from sidewalks and entrances to your home. If you use salt, make sure it is child and pet friendly. 
  2. Notice any hazardous icicles in and around the entrances and remove them. 
  3. Check the exterior HVAC and dryer vents to make sure they aren’t blocked by snow and ice. 
  4. Look for ice dams near gutter downspouts, remove blockages. 
  5. Inspect your roof for too much snow accumulation. If you have water leaks or damning, call your roofer. Check for interior water damage. 
  6. Remove snow from wood railings deck and balconies, it may cause warping. 
  7. Examine your trees for damaged or dead branches that could break and fall. 

If you have any questions about real estate or need referrals for home maintenance, give us a call. Hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying winter. Spring is around the corner!