Charese David


Article by Chicago Real Producers

Charese David came to Chicago in 1986 with no money and no job. She had just graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in communications and was ready to embrace the adventure of living in a new city. Failure was not an option.


With a talent for the arts—music, photography, design, and cooking—Charese immersed herself in video production for three years. She then joined a small video duplication company, where she stayed for sixteen years, helping it grow, as its director of sales, into a full-service duplication, distribution and fulfillment, media organization. 


As her company started to undergo several mergers and acquisitions, the company culture began to change. Although Charese loved her clients, her workplace became an unpleasant and unproductive place for her to work. She no longer loved working at the company, and knew it was time to move on. 


Initially, Charese felt that real estate was a career that would allow her to engage with clients for a longer period of time and to truly make a difference in their lives. She wanted to have a more personal experience and be able to guide people through an important transaction in their life. So, she obtained her license in 2005 and worked part time for a year before leaving her corporate job for good. 


Charese didn’t realize how prepared she was for real estate until she became a REALTOR®. She found she had already gained a lot of knowledge and experience in real estate by renting and owning several different properties herself throughout Chicago. In addition, she didn’t realize how much she’d be able to use her creative talents in photography and design to further help her clients. Real estate was really a perfect fit for Charese.


However, starting from scratch in a new industry after a sixteen-year career at one company was no easy feat. It was 2006, and the economy was on the brink of recession; she’d have to fight her way through it. “It was one of the best educations I could have ever had. I was able to overcome the challenges by providing great service to my clients, and by really being a full-service broker. Real estate takes a great deal of work and perseverance,” she says.


As a full-service broker, Charese does everything she can for her clients. She goes to every inspection, showing, and closing, and she doesn’t rely on anyone else. She also consults with clients about their renovation ideas, painting selections, and overall design of their homes. She has worked with many developers on various projects and has provided design for new construction, as well as for multi-units and condominiums.


“Real estate, for me, is not just about making money: it’s about helping people realize a dream and being there to help with the discovery. Being a part of my clients’ happiness and seeing them radiate with joy after we close is so rewarding. And I’ve been so enriched by the friendships I’ve made,” says Charese.


Friends and family are everything to Charese. She loves entertaining and cooking for people at her home while drinking good wine. “I guess I just like sharing with friends and family, whether it’s creating pizzas in my pizza oven or having a sit down dinner—it’s really a huge part of who I am,” says Charese.


Charese is passionate about music, and she loves animals. Coming home to her dog, Delilah, makes her smile every day. Charese donates to a number of organizations, but she donates to Paws and the William Ferrris Chorale regularly.


One of Charese’s favorite quotes is by Estée Lauder: “When I thought I couldn’t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.”


Published in Chicago Real Producers, December 2018