Trendy decoratingIt’s always great to have ‘the hot new thing’ in your home. Until the hot new thing becomes not so new, quickly followed by what was I thinking. We know trends are fun but when it comes to your home, transition is key. As you begin a remodel or update be sure you know the difference between a timeless design and a sign of the times.

Outrageous Colors: Turquoise, Purple, Magenta, every color has a season. While it’s great to spruce up the room with a fresh coat of a hot new color you should most definitely stick to the walls. Avoid adding these trending colors to your flooring, cabinets, tile, and appliances. They’re called accent colors for a reason. Only use them with household items that are easy and affordable to switch up.

Test of Time: Will what you do today make the cut? Look back at trends and traditions. Furniture, cabinets, flooring, entryways, and bathrooms have been around for decades! Take a look back and see if what you’re about to do has been trending for 30+ years. If so, it’s a safe bet that it will look great in your home for years to come.

Do Both: Get the best of both worlds when you mix it up. You may have older cabinets but new hardware is a quick and often inexpensive fix. An old bathtub can look positively dreamy when paired with modern flooring or colors. That new floor paired with a whole set of new towels and accents pieces is still cheaper than a new shower/bathtub.

Fabric Mishaps: Updating your furniture, headboards, or curtains? Upholstery is fun to play with but don’t go overboard. Most fabric is deceptively sturdy and will more than likely outlast a trend. With that mind, choose dining room chairs with more wood than fabric. Headboards with neutral timeless colors, and curtains that are functional and classic. Picking out a new sofa? A recent survey of prospective furniture buyers suggests you’ll be living with your choice for at least 10 years. We know several homeowners with timeless pieces upwards of 25 or 30 years old. Note we said “timeless”. The cost of reupholstering isn’t worth picking out a flashy fabric.

Stainless Steel Appliances: Many experts believe that Stainless Steel is quickly becoming old. If you’re updating your kitchen think twice before throwing down the extra cash for these shiny appliances. They have been popular for quite some time, however, the next generation of busy homeowners is quickly learning how much easier it is to maintain white and black in the home’s busiest room. We are so over fingerprints.

At the end of the day it’s your home and you have to love it. If one of these trends is exactly the look you’re going for then do it. If dating your home is a concern but you still want to spice things up we have two words for you. Throw pillows. Oh, and accent rugs. Buy as many as you want in the most outrageous styles, colors, and fabrics. Just remember to donate them when you’re ready to change things up again. Crazy throw pillow lady is the new cat lady.