Menard Johnson Real Esate Love Home


If you’ve been living in your home for awhile, you might not feel the excitement that you had when you first moved in. This is normal. But does it still give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? The feeling of home is best when you can step out of busy everyday life and into a calm, relaxing space. It’s a place to rejuvenate, a sanctuary to decompress. Whether curled up with a good book or entertaining family and friends, home is a place to enjoy yourself. If your home isn’t making you happy, there are simple ways to rekindle that love. 


Color affects mood. Bright colors energize, while muted colors calm. Red, orange and yellow colors tend to be uplighting, creating positive feelings. While shades of blue can feel tranquil and peaceful. Choose colors that you are drawn to. Do you have a favorite memory that makes you smile? Maybe a trip to Mexico with the vibrant colors of a sunset. Or a stay at a resort with blue, calming waters. Use memories as inspiration. Colors can be used throughout, not only on walls, but also with accents such as paintings, throws, and pillows. 


Lighting brightens the atmosphere. It impacts the way you feel. While natural light is optimal, well-modulated, diffused light can create a serene feel. Use bulbs that emit soft light instead of CFLs, which can take five minutes to warm up and can give off a harsh, white light. Soft light bulbs illuminate immediately and have a warm impact on the eyes.


Functional design creates ease. A well-designed home with rooms that ebb and flow, lend to moving freely throughout. Put things you use in places where it makes sense. For instance, keys by the front door or mugs by the coffee maker. Walking in and out of rooms, forgetting what you needed can build stress. Create flow that make sense to your routine. Your rooms should be supporting you, not stopping you. 


Embrace “Perfect Imperfection.” A room that is too designed may feel uptight and uncomfortable, losing that homey feel. The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, encourages perfect imperfection. Add organic, imperfect finishes and different textures to engage the senses. This can create a cozy, relaxed feel. 


Infuse the air with natural, subtle scents. Plants can neutralize the air in your home. Fresh-cut flowers can delight and enliven the senses. The innate connection that we have to nature has proven that plants often have a relaxing effect on us and can help to improve our well-being. Infusing fragrance into a room using flowers, diffusers, or candles can change the overall feeling of a space. Scent is linked with memory, so bring in scents linked to happy memories, like fresh baked cookies or a warm crackling fire. 


Design a space dedicated to a hobby. Hobbies are born out of passion. When you spend time doing what you enjoy, it brings happiness. Think of it as a retreat space in your home. It could be a space for hobbies such as playing games, making art, working out, meditating or a reading nook. Spend more time doing what you love and that love will radiate throughout your home.