By Charese David

It’s always rewarding when I can help great clients like Jason and Liz Crews. They had a beautiful house in Roscoe Village that I helped them sell. During the initial inspection, we came across some major issues that needed to be resolved before the home could close. Meanwhile, they had moved out of state, so I had to step up and manage the whole process. Luckily, I have a huge network of professionals that I can call on to help in all real estate areas. Part of my speciality when working with clients is my personal service. I want my clients to know that I am with them every step of the way. The real estate process can be confusing if you’re not working with a professional broker to guide you. It is my commitment to clients that they have a clear understanding of what needs to happen and provide reliable referrals to make sure everything goes smoothly. In the end, we were able to resolve the problem and Jason and Liz walked away happy clients.