Chicago offers so much throughout the year, but summer is when the city really shines.  For me one of the highlights is going to Millennium Park.

Millennium Park was originally built to celebrate the millennium.  What you might not know is that the area that makes up the park was once an industrial wasteland. 

From the mid-1800's until 1997 the land was controlled by the Illinois Central Railroad.  The area was covered with parking lots and railroad tracks until former Mayor Richard M. Daley devised a plan for a public space for Chicago residents.

Today, Millennium Park includes nearly 25 acres where residents can enjoy landscape design, sculpture and architecture in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Located downtown near Lake Michigan, this park has outdoor free concerts during much of the summer.  It's easy to get to and so much fun sitting under the stars with good friends, taking in the city lights and listening to fabulous music.   

Also when in Millennium Park,  walk to the surrounding areas like The Bean, Maggie Daley park, The Art Institute, Monroe Harbor and so much more.  

Chicago is a true gem and I am so happy to be living in such a wonderful city.  When I am taking out of town clients on city real estate tours, I enjoy sharing the city with them and all of its treasures, it puts a smile on my face. If you are looking for a great city to make your home Chicago should be a serious consideration.