By Charese David

It’s that time of year to have some fun! Chicago is the place to be as the weather gets warmer. There’s a new vibrance as outdoor patios and backyards come alive with laughter and revelry. It’s the time of year when the city hosts festivals, garden walks, farmer’s markets and summer picnics. I can feel the change in the air. Chicagoans know how to take full advantage of this season!

I love this season because of the beauty of urban gardens and flower planters. Flowers make me happy. And being outside in the colors of nature has been shown to help people relax. As I drive through neighborhoods and down Michigan Avenue, I’m in awe of the gorgeous landscaping around our city.

One of my favorite places to buy plants, herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees is Gethsemane Garden Center in Andersonville. They even have patio furniture and garden gifts. It’s so inspiring to walk though the rows of colors and smell the freshness of spring. I’ve always found the staff to be super knowledgeable for any garden project. See above for my recent video at Gethsemane. After a long winter, this is my retail therapy!

For more inspiration, here’s a story from our archives, Simple Steps to a Beautiful Urban Garden.

If you need gardening advice or reliable landscapers, contact us. Happy Spring!