Home Staging

By Charese David, Real Estate Broker


One of the things I love about working in real estate is that I get to use my eye for design on a routine basis. There are various ways that I am in touch with the latest home design trends. When I take my home buyers out on a property search, I see properties firsthand and can determine right away the quality of the workmanship. I can explain the history of architectural features and share ideas on how they could potentially renovate a space to make it more livable. When I walk into a property, I get inspired with design ideas. Because of my experienced eye, I am able to point things out that they might not see that could actually make or break a deal. 


I have also been a design consultant, working with developers in the design and layout of property spaces. I can see the flow of how a room will work for potential buyers. As I am out with buyers and privy to conversations that I overhear when showing a property to sell, I know what clients are asking for in a property. 


As I walk through a property with a client who has hired me to sell their home, I am current with what similar properties have recently sold for in their neighborhood and explain to them what I see that potential buyers are looking for. I offer suggestions on how they can make minor, inexpensive updates, like painting, decluttering or adding new lighting, that can have a big impact in the sale. I sometimes also share ideas on moving furniture around to make the space flow better. You’d be surprised by what a few minor design adjustments do to the look and feel of a room. 


In marketing a property for sale, I hire a professional photographer because online photos are the curb appeal - they are what will draw potential buyers to see a property. I’m also an avid photographer and I believe that this helps me frame a room - to envision it in the best light possible. After all, my objective for my home sellers is to get the highest price possible for their property, at the quickest return rate.


When home sellers move out of their property, I will usually recommend that it be staged either virtually in the photos or that they hire a staging company to physically bring in the furniture. This helps potential home buyers quickly envision the room and imagine their furniture in the layout. And sometimes, staging is only in the main living spaces and not throughout the whole home.


Take a look at my before and after video of a River North condo. This is before making the updates:

And after the updates, see how paint can transform a room.

The following photos are of the same River North condo, only they are virtually staged. 

Home Staging

Home Staging

The following Roscoe Village condo hired a staging company to come in with furniture. 

Home staging

Updated lighting can do wonders for the design of a room. Take a look at the updated pendant lighting above the island in the After photo compared to the pendant lighting in the Before photo. 

Now you can see how minor updates can make a big difference in preparing to sell your home. If you're thinking of selling your home and need design guidance, please contact us.